If you’re wondering how visibility and reach will get affected with Facebook’s latest announcement on the tweak in the way they show news feed, we’ve got some answers. Facebook recently announced a change in the way users will experience their feedback.

“With this update, Facebook will prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” – Facebook

What this means for Brands?

Brands will now be compelled to create content that is more meaningful, adds value and is engaging, for their audience.

We will also prioritize posts from friends and family over public content, consistent with our News Feed values.” – Facebook

This means organic visibility for content that brands put out there to promote themselves will go down, users either get to see posts from friends/ family or promoted content. Resulting in slightly increased spends for reach.

“As we make these updates, Pages may see their reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease. The impact will vary from Page to Page, driven by factors including the type of content they produce and how people interact with it. Pages making posts that people generally don’t react to or comment on could see the biggest decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect.” – Facebook

Can people still see the content from pages they follow in their News Feed?

“ Yes, people who want to see more posts from Pages they follow can choose to See First in News Feed Preferences to make sure they always see posts from their favourite Pages” – Facebook

While there is going to a considerable decrease in page content on the news feed of users, brands can still leverage content to generate better engagement from followers. We put together a list of ways you can generate great engagement on Facebook. 

Create more posts that spark interaction

Facebook would consider a post as being interactive/ valuable on the basis of two things:

Shares:  If it is ‘share-worthy’, i.e when someone finds your post so interesting, that they share it with their friends/family, thus sparking interactions, bringing people closer, opening up minds.

Comments: If your content induces positive/ negative feedback from people.

Content that gets shared by people via Messenger would also be considered a valuable post by Facebook, as that again, encourages interaction.

Thus the challenge would be to create content that is share-worthy (looking at good video content, appealing static content) or content that induces some kind of a reaction from the target (this could be in terms of contests/ quizzes/ or a simple opinion based post)  

Quality over Quantity

Spamming pages with unrelated content/ content without a particular strategy would not work hereon, as this is what Facebook would be precisely target at eliminating from people’s news feed. The focus should be on creating minimal content that adds value to the target audience, content that is relatable, that would make people click that “share button” voluntarily, rather than the “hide post button”.

No More Engagement Baits

The spread of content that is spam-equivalent, sensational, or misleading would be reduced, in order to promote more meaningful and authentic conversations on Facebook.

Engagement baits such as tag baits ( Tag that friend who..), Comment Baits (Comment the right answer.. or The last comment on this post wins..) or Like Baits ( Hit like & share to win..) will be thoroughly demoted. Thus it would be wise to lay off these techniques.


Rise in Live Videos

This would be the best time to exploit FB Live Videos, as these videos are the ones that are proven to provide the maximum reach and engagement organically. This is because

1) Facebook automatically prioritises,  ranks and promotes LIVE videos onto your target audience’s feed

2) The audience is also excited to watch any kind of content LIVE, and the probability of getting a response from the person on the other end of the video excites them, hence increasing engagement organically. This would be the best tool for interaction.

Community Building/ Groups

Focus on exploiting Facebook’s Groups facility, where you can build communities, and share content that sparks interactions, and link these conversations to your main page as a piece of content. This acts a two-way street, where you can offload the extra content onto groups and on the other hand, spark interactions that in turn gets shared on pages, thus making content rank higher on the news feed.

News Feed Preferences

Guiding people about the fact that the Facebook application allows them to prioritize specific friends and pages so that they see your posts first in their News Feed

Better copy always helps, drives the audience to respond in a particular manner.

Responding to comments, thus interacting with the audience if you want to come across as a brand that truly values its audience.

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