Facebook live, the hottest new live stream platform there is now. From Obama to Shahrukh khan, from corporates to influencers, everyone’s trying a hand at it to reach out to their audience live.

But before we move on to “how to get facebook live right” let’s understand..


  • Facebook videos autoplay by default thereby getting 3 times more impression.
  • Also, Facebook delivers more watched time than YouTube because of the autoplay.
  • Facebook gives a higher preference to its own videos on the news feed and ranks higher in the facebook algorithm thereby increasing reach.
  • Facebook shows the view count on its videos which is a huge motivator for the audience to view.

Here are some tips on how to get facebook live right.

BUILD THE BUZZ – Keep your audience informed about the time you plan to go live, if you’re going live with an influencer, ensure you introduce the speaker/ celebrity well in advance with a small bio if possible. Also, it’s a good idea to share the topic that you plan to go live with.

Below is an example of how we promoted the world tv premier of the movie U turn via facebook live.




TIME – Study your facebook insights feed to ensure you go live at the time your audience is most active online. Also, ensure you don’t drag the video too long, anything more than 10 mins to 30 mins is a good time to stream.

STAY CONNECTED – Pre-check the device you plan to go live with. Be it android or OS, ensure the camera quality is good, use the rear mirror in all cases for a better quality video.

TEST – Get a stand, a pod to position your phone and ensure the device doesn’t shake while recording. Do a test live stream, ensure you keep the setting to “only me” while at testing.

INVITE QUESTIONS – If you’re calling an influencer / celebrity to talk about a something, getting some questions from the audience about what they would like to hear about would be a good idea.




ORGANIZE – If you’re hosting a live debate /discussion, or training, coming up with a hashtag in advance is a great way to organise the submission process for questions.

POSITION – Check the position of the camera, background, lighting of the venue, angle well before you hit the live button.

SOUND – Ensure you pick a place that isn’t too noisy. It’s best to use an external microphone to be audible clearly.

INTRODUCTION – Start with introducing yourself if you’re the host or let the host introduce himself, also subsequently, thank you and sign off officially before you end.




MODERATION – Moderate comments carefully while the live stream goes on. Spammers should be blocked immediately.

RESPOND – Respond to as many questions you receive from the audience, more can be addressed while archived.

THUMBNAIL – Once the video is archived, you can always choose a custom thumbnail for the video.

ANALYSE – Facebook insights gives you brilliant analysis on the reach of the video and its engagement data.

MARKET IT – Promote the video with the right hashtags, on social media, archived videos receive a lot of engagement later in many cases, so do not get disappointed if your facebook live doesn’t get the response you were hoping for.



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