India, world’s fastest growing economy and a nation that is extremely passionate about television and currently social media. Probably the only country where reality shows have never ending seasons and “baa” manages to miraculously stay alive for over a 100 years. With the evolution of smartphones and social media networking, fans are now looking for more, more than what they get to see on tv every night.Well, this simply points out to the fact that marketers are in an era where they have attention of the largest chunk of online population which puts them in a very responsible yet challenging position, the challenge being – growth of community size, increase engagement and interaction.

Here’s what we learnt designing social media strategy for entertainment.


Well obviously, content drives all the traffic and engagement you’re looking for. It is very important to provide content that’s exclusive, engaging and that the fans can relate to. In case of TV shows, its important that you create content thats very visual, I would suggest 99% visual content (i.e videos and images)  backed with exciting information. Since broadcast time is limited, production houses are left with a lot of editing material and behind the scenes content that fans would love to see. Snippets from stars, dubsmashes, exclusive behind the scene images and popular clips from the shows draw a lot of traction. For engagement, its important to ask more, fans love sharing their views on platforms thereby generating high engagement.


The tone used to reach out to the fans plays a major role in how connected your audience feels with you, its very important that the tone of communication be kept very casual and regional (to the area specific) sometimes, for fans to be able to relate to the content. For e.g for a regional tv show, its best to post some content in the regional language and in the tone they would otherwise hear it on tv.


How much fun would it be to see again what we already saw on tv last night? We all crave for that extra byte from the show we love the most and what better place than social media to share it on. That’s why shows like “Friends” “The Big Bang theory” and “Bigg Boss” have a fan page with lakhs of followers trying to keep them alive. Exclusive content on the page keeps the fans coming back for more. In some cases, content can be provided exclusively only to the social media fans to reward their loyalty and encourage engagement.


Just like how an episode doesn’t miss the broadcast on scheduled time, posting about it shouldn’t be delayed either. In sight is in mind, therefore its very important to post around the time the show has been aired for the recall value to be highest, this also gets people to engage more with your content, precisely because they remember what they saw the previous day. Also in some cases, posting live generates great traction, for e.g in case of award shows, posting live keeps the fans glued to the platforms. Great examples of this are the Oscar awards that happened recently.

Data and Analytics

Since the reach of any broadcast media is very high, invariably the fan following on social media is high too. Given that fans are interacting continuously theres a lot of data that marketers can study apart from just the analytics the social media tools provide. For eg. Sentiment analysis can be done based on the reaction of  fans on a particular post/ contestant by studying comments.


Depending on the nature of the show, and the response from fans, its important that marketers evolve their content strategy from time to time. What worked a few days back might not work now. For e.g – Meme’s were a rage but people seem to have grown out of meme’s and posting too many now might not generate great engagement, instead dubsmashes may work better since they are more popular currently.

Also, a completely different approach can be adopted to promote different shows based on the nature, budget and reach you plan to achieve. Great engagement can be received through contests, offering gratification and conducting polls. A lot of suitable tools and platforms are available in the market for each of these, ranging from survey monkey to Facebook apps for creating specially targeted landing pages, a lot can be done to plan promotions effectively.

Keep it Exciting and Interactive.

Fans subscribe to social media not just to receive exclusive content but also to feel a closer connect with their stars. Marketers now have many platforms to bridge that gap between fans and the stars, platforms like google provide “hangouts” and Facebook provides “Live Chat” that can be organized from time to time with the stars to generate great engagement and create a lot off buzz on social media.

Get the Basics right

Mentioned at last, but its hygiene to # correctly, tag the handles of stars while mentioning their name, giving a call to action on relevant posts that go on social media and being responsive to fans.

Key Takeaways

  • Adapt to changes in content flow
  • Study closely the reaction of your fans to the content.
  • Know what your audience wants and deliver exactly that.
  • The only way to measure effectiveness in this case is engagement.

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