What do you do about mediocre content marketing?

How are you going to transform your content from mediocre to marvellous?

Everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them. Business leaders & ace communicators too have a story to tell, but unfortunately, a very few are heard. Content marketing specialists are too common these days and everybody is spewing content out there. But how do you get your content to rise above the all the clutter?

Here are a few ways you can package content better. 


Humour plays a very important role in using stories to market your content. Witty lines that get you actual laughs are exactly the type of things that people want to read.

Humour is not everybody’s cup of tea.

bs2-1So if you think you have an average sense of humour, how do you resonate your story across to your audience? Don’t you worry, this formula can be put into effect:

  • The first part of the formula is surprise- If you fire in that impulse of saying something witty out of the blue and surprise people, they laugh at it and it can actually work!
  • The second part of this secret formula is recognition– The basic idea behind this is that if the person who is saying the particular joke is known for being funny, anything he/she says automatically becomes funny and everyone laughs at it.

B2B industries are not known for using humour in their content. So in such situations, how do you incorporate humour? The trick is to add a human element to the situation.

So if you play your surprise and recognition cards right, you’ll be on your way to some kickass content! 

  • Content needs to be riveting, illuminative, something that the people in the industry are searching for and also SEO friendly, steering clear of the old SEO formulas.
  • Look for content marketers who are actual writers as this reduces content shock. Instead of being buried under an avalanche of irrelevant content, create less but the best. The primary focus should be to create something which someone would see and think “Oh wow this something interesting! I need to share this!” 
  • Write at a basic level, as that is how people process information. You need to STOP using big words in your content as you may come across as pretentious.



  • Eliminate adverbs, adjectives or any kind of descriptive words or phrases as they distract and interrupt people’s thinking. Instead of describing verbs, use the best verbs possible. For example replace ‘running quickly’ with ‘raced’. 
  • Create an ideal customer profile where you analyse their wants, needs & challenges. You need to know who you’re addressing your story to. 
  • Word of mouth publicity is the best kind of publicity. So let your customers do the talking, as everybody wants proof to know that you are who you say you are. Reviews are far more valuable than ratings as people want a 100% satisfaction before reinforcing their decision.


  • Do not be in love with your writing, go with the flow and write sentences or paragraphs that are totally out of line. They would not honour or service your story.

Storytelling has become a feel good slang word and people who claim to be doing it are kidding themselves. Every true story has a beginning, middle and end. You need to use language to be heard instead of read.

Storytelling ain’t about presenting data points that you’ve created. That’s news analysis. That’s like somebody explaining the results of a certain poll that was conducted. So how do you bundle data with a certain dramatic element and package it into a story, so that it gets delivered in the audience’s mind, exactly the way you want it?


You tell present data to people in an interesting manner with a human touch! Yes, it is as simple as that. For e.g – We have a certain problem and it is costing us this much. So we tried this new solution and made this money and here’s the data to back it up!

The importance of the problem and the reason we are pursuing it needs to be explained mandatorily.

Another important point to keep in mind while crafting stories that rise above the clutter that is content marketing all about the story structure. In order to keep your structure in place, you need to read a lot. When you do that, you see how other people frame their scenarios and try to match that. You develop a kind of flow and understanding for your stories.

According to Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory, only the tip of the iceberg shows in a story—your reader will see only what is above the water—but the knowledge that you have about your brand that never makes it into the story acts as the bulk of the iceberg. And that is what gives your story weight and gravitas. Thus you have to have an in-depth knowledge about your brand before you roll things out, to convey that essence.

Creating a brand story isn’t about being distinct and getting noticed. It is about thinking beyond selling of products and services and working relentlessly towards the creation of strong bonds and loyalty with your audience. Your story forms the foundation of your brand and is essential for future growth.

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